Father’s Day

This Father’s Day, instead of the obligatory Facebook and Instagram post, I thought I would try to put my husband’s awesomeness into a blog. My husband is a wonderful father to all of our kiddos, but I am most reminded of the impact he has on our children when I look at our son, Malachi.  Many times I look at our son, and I see my husband.  His looks, his actions, his demeanor, it’s almost like we created him.  I easily forget that his skin, hair, and DNA are not the same.

I look at this picture, and see the way Malachi is gazing at his daddy. His daddy is his biggest hero, and he wants to be just like him.  What’s most beautiful is that my husband didn’t have to be his daddy, his biggest hero, but he has chosen to fill that role, and he’s darn good at it.  This Father’s Day, I want to remember always that the moment my husband laid eyes on our adopted 2-year-old twins, he knew they would be ours forever.  There are a lot of good fathers out there, but there aren’t many that selflessly choose to take in twin 2 year olds through foster care and raise them as their own.

Through this crazy journey of parenting, it’s much easier to keep score… diaper changes, mealtimes, bedtimes, the list of chores goes on and on.  It’s all so exhausting, that it can be difficult to stop and notice the influence your actions have on your children.  But, every smile, giggle, book reading, princess tea party, and building project, has a major impact on the person you are raising your child to become.

My son is the first to notice when mommy needs his help.  He is the first to notice when his sisters need something.  He is always sharing a smile and an, “I love you.” He is selfless, loyal, patient, and kind, and he has learned all these traits from his father.  The man who chose to be his daddy and love him unconditionally.

I am thankful for Father’s Day to remind us that we are blessed.  We serve a Father who loves us unconditionally and we are adopted into His kingdom.  I’m thankful that every day I get to witness the beauty of adoption in my husband’s relationship with our son.  Every day our son becomes more and more like him and every day I am reminded of the amazing man that I married, who shows us all a little bit of Jesus in the way he loves our children.  We love you, Austin!

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