Adoption Almost Brewed

We are less than a week away from our official adoption day! As most of you probably know, we had a previous adoption date set for December 19th. The morning of the adoption, I had just prepped the kids for court, and I kid you not, our case worker called to cancel it.  The MORNING of the adoption.  Apparently, a potential birth father came out of the woodwork and they had to postpone the adoption in order to investigate.  The potential birth father filed for interruption of adoption, paternity test, and custody of the children.  Well, three months later, and the Judge has denied all three of this man’s appeals all three times, which they tell me is the most times he can appeal.  Needless to say, it has been a long few months while we waited out this investigation.  I have been on pins and needles awaiting this new adoption date and my anxiety won’t rest until the Judge bangs that gavel and declares them officially Gerbers forever.  We would appreciate all of your prayers leading up to Monday, the 27th at 11am.

In the meantime, thanks to amazing grandparents, Austin and I got a special weekend with just Malachi and Aliza to celebrate the upcoming adoption.  We took them to Columbus for a special overnighter.  Our first and most important stop was at Build-A-Bear.  We sat Malachi and Aliza down and explained the adoption to them.  We then explained to them that to symbolize the adoption, they would get to adopt a special animal at Build-A-Bear.  We could see their 4-year-old wheels turning, and I think they actually understood what we were saying.  They took the whole process seriously and have pretty much been inseparable from their new pets ever since.  Below are some photos from the experience.


They both picked Paw Patrol dogs. Malachi picked Chase and Aliza picked Skye.  Here, the associate is stuffing Chase.

IMG_1295Putting the hearts in their doggies.

IMG_1304Giving their dogs a bath and grooming them.

IMG_1308Picking out outfits for their dogs.  They both picked the typical Chase and Skye Paw Patrol gear.

IMG_1309All done and ready to take them home.

IMG_1325Proud new owners of their adopted pets! 🙂

IMG_1338Malachi is seriously the sweetest, most kind-hearted boy.

We still have discussions about their adopted pets and it is a good opportunity for us to teach Malachi and Aliza about the adoption process.  They are such awesome kids and my heart breaks for the biological mother who lost such special children.  Tonight, Aliza asked me what it means to be adopted.  After explaining it to her, she asked about the woman who carried her and Malachi in her belly.  It was a great opportunity to pray together for their birth mom.  Only God can heal their birth mom from her addiction and we trust in His timing.  We thank you in advance for your prayers as we anticipate our adoption on Monday! An official adoption post to follow! 🙂

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